quinta-feira, julho 07, 2011

ICTLEP guidelines

The ICTLEP (International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy) guidelines articulated 5 important principles:
Principle 1. Transsexualism is an ancient and persistent part of human experience
and is not in itself a medical illness or mental disorder. Transsexualism is a desire
to change the expression of one's gender identity.
Principle 2. Persons have the right to express their gender identity through
changes to their physical appearance, including the use of hormones and
reconstructive surgery.
Principle 3. Persons denied the ability to exercise control over their own bodies
in terms of gender expression, through informed access to medical services, may
experience significant distress and suffer a diminished capacity to function
socially, economically and sexually.
Principle 4. Providers of health care (including surgical) services to transsexuals
have a right to charge reasonable fees for their services, to be paid in advance, and
to require a waiver of all tort liability except negligence.
Principle 5. It is unethical to discriminate in the provision of sex reassignment
services based on the sexual orientation, marital status, or physical appearance of
a patient.

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